Maxthon RAR/ZIP

Download the latest version of the archived Maxthon 2 installer.
You may pick between one of the mirror downloads.

Please note while the installer is supposed to be untouched in its
content there are two changes compared to the official file. The first
one is an exclusion of the Facebook Sidebar plugin and the second one
is a modified version of the English language file for some typos which
I was too lazy to remove after already packing the files. You can view
the exact changes made here and also download the original language file.


Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


Mirrors: |
MD5 Checksum: 4BA7276A8A27306E17989F20B82E6034 | Filesize: 4.81MB



ZIP version:

Download now


Mirrors: | |
MD5 Checksum: 71FFAB9CBB1925107B207C3C5563807D | Filesize: 6.08MB



Preview of the SFX archive dialog




Official Changelog: [2008-06-30]
* fixed security issues arising from an IE WebBrowser Control
* fixed problem that favorites are not imported when online favorites
service is disabled
* fixed problems relating to system directories, like send to desktop
* fixed slow Maxthon exit problem under some circumstances
[Find in page]
* can use up/down arrow or mousewheel to scroll through matches
* the input field will be highlight if no match is found
* fixed problem that match result dialog sometimes empty
* fixed problem that skin settings are not used
* fixed a crash problem of AutoUpdate when DEP is enabled
* added a print page setup menu command (have to reset menu bar)


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