Maxthon Beta RAR/ZIP

Download the latest version of the archived Maxthon 2 installer. You may pick between one of the mirror downloads. Nothing has been changed or excluded with the exception of the ‘Facebook plugin’. The updated version of my modified language file can be downloaded as a language pack.


Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


Mirrors: |
MD5 Checksum: C7E552D702FDAE73D4C29FC6DF8E6652 | Filesize: 4.85MB



ZIP version:

Download now


Mirrors: | |
MD5 Checksum: FBDF85E43605524C5083AF7E6110CBE6 | Filesize: 6.10MB



Preview of the SFX archive dialog




Official Changelog:
[Find In Page] fixed a crash problem when tab is closed
[Mouse Gesture & Shortcut] improved performance under some circumstances
[Mouse Gesture & Shortcut] fixed problem that mouse gesture and shorcut keys work on active tab instead of detached tab
[Installer] added option to view changelog after installation
[Interface] fixed a favicon not shown problem
[Others] fixed problem that after close of reader tab the original tab cannot open new url
[Others] fixed problem that tab becomes transparent after some page visit problems
[Others] fixed some keystrokes handling problems, eg. in flash pages
[FEED] fixed a problem that RSS cannot marked as read
[Maxthon Downloader] fixed problem that download all links may cause multiple Maxthon instances
[AdHunter] fixed a content filter log problem
[Others] fixed problem that the “Open All Links” may not work properly after enabling the “Show Most Favorites Only” option in sidebar


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