Maxthon RAR/ZIP

Download the latest version of the archived Maxthon 2 installer. You may pick between one of the mirror downloads. The updated version of my modified language file can be downloaded as a language pack.
The olympic games addons are not included and can be downloaded here: My2008 My2008_red My2008_green. Also again left out is the Facebook plugin.


Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


MD5 Checksum: D88889365D3B0332BAD11985C589C600 | Filesize: 4.80MB



ZIP version:

Download now


MD5 Checksum: D06B5B6389A501E352370DBCA51A7030 | Filesize: 6.16MB



Preview of the SFX archive dialog




Official Changelog: [2008-09-02]

* improved compatibility with IE8 Beta2
* fixed freeze problem in some video sites

[ShortCut Key & Mouse Gesture]
* fixed problem that shortcut key not working in tabs opened in background

* fixed problem that web page not properly positioned under split view
* fixed problem that window position not remembered if exit in Maximized state
* removed “Download Proxy List…” function
* some changes to the “More” menu of the “Favorites Manager”
added notice message after “Update Website Icon” finish

* fixed a filter pack “filecontent” problem


1 comment so far

  1. Alon Cohen on

    hereby two issues (M2 v2.1.4.443):
    a. Once I’m using the Screen-Capture option, I CAN’T use it again.. until the next time Maxthon initialization
    b. The Maxthon browser more often.. FREEZING itself and I must Kill it’s task to overcome ..

    BTW, I’m using the same M2 v2.1.4 with another PC (at my office) and the above two problems happen exactly the same.

    Alon C.

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