Maxthon Beta RAR/ZIP

A new beta is available. Please read the change log below before deciding to use this version. The package is built as usual, without the obligatory facebook plugin and aside from that unmodified. Mirror downloads and the ZIP can be found after the jump. 


Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


Mirrors: |
MD5 Checksum: A3CAFEA28581716AAAB60E31D0099568 | Filesize: 4.88MB
SHA-1: B31C35A651C3C7436E16DF8ADF90219150D039D1



ZIP version:

Download now


Mirrors: |
MD5 Checksum: 27B28D44E5323DE9457E750B9C0DEFD0 | Filesize: 6.23MB
SHA-1: 3023972467765021EF5BF16D63C7759211C717BA



Preview of the SFX archive dialog




Official Changelog:

– improved overall browser framework and performance
– fixed some problems caused by the 2.5.1 framework

– fixed problem that vertical scroll bar is partially outside screen (need further testing)
– improved the blinking problem on Vista and Win7 OS

– fixed problem that File Sniffer and RSS do not work if Text Filter is not enabled
– fixed problem that wrong favorites upload time is displayed after favorites download
– improved GDI object usage
– page zooming can take effect before the page is fully loaded now

NOITCE: There maybe bug or instability in beta versions. And please backup before update.


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