Maxthon Beta 5 RAR/ZIP

We continue the series of betas for 2.5.2 with the number 5. Please read the change log below before deciding to use this version. The package is built as usual, without the obligatory facebook plugin and aside from that unmodified. Mirror downloads and the ZIP can be found after the jump. 

Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


MD5 Checksum: 4329BD5B7ABAE13C564BADF951C375BC | Filesize: 4.93MB
SHA-1: 11BE32F83362D27208E70A518FF2545C4148B191



ZIP version:

Download now


MD5 Checksum: 37CAD81379BCCD94063C2C835FA7058F | Filesize: 6.35MB
SHA-1: 35D0B3014437384D7276BC819E428A2BE5CA1679




Preview of the SFX archive dialog



Official Changelog:

– support IE toolbars again
– online favorites supports http
– fixed some IME input problems
– fixed some embeded player full screen problem
– fixed some Real/WMP embeded webpage mouse click problem

– fixed plugin installation problem when boss key is activated
– fixed a problem that refresh/stop button cannot combine after customization

– fixed some setting default browser problems

Know issue
– some task bar problem when IE toolbar is enabled


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