Maxthon Final RAR

The final version of Maxthon 2.5.5 has been released and is available for download.

Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


Mirrors: /
MD5 Checksum: FB4E2B19CEA28F05C40258D665AFE69A | Filesize: 4.95MB
SHA-1: 7357D0803F93AD73B085956959992A79B53F8D34


Preview of the SFX archive dialog


Official Changelog:

* Fixed a bug which causes program crash on exit
* Improved Back/Forward support for special keyboards and mouse
* Fixed SELECT menu cannot be selected on IE6 engine
* Fixed Google Reader layout error after Minimize/Restore
* Fixed UI overlapping problem with Webplayer & several player controls

* Added shortcut keys on right-click Context Menu on Address Bar
* Fixed incorrect icons for Maxthon Browser’s Associated File Types

* Fixed messy text problem while importing IE8 exported Favorites


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