Maxthon Final RAR

The final version of Maxthon 2.5.7 has been released and is available for download.

Self-extracting WinRAR version:

Download now


Mirrors: /
MD5 Checksum: A10BA0383114B03B49E3C8CBFC747DF8 | Filesize: 5.83MB
SHA-1: 5D423286D13E800AF2E209869534E5F68DE22A8F



Preview of the SFX archive dialog

Official Changelog:

URL Security
+ added URL security module

Mute Browser
+ added Mute Browser Module

+ added “Edit” menu

+ new login mechanism
+ added offline mode
+ added sync favorites, user data, and collector data after successful login
+ added retry button after login failure
* fixed some login problems

Search Bar
+ added “Clear History” menu command
+ added separator between server supplied and user defined engines

Quick Access
+ added Quick Access module

Float Button
+ add “Block Ads” menu command in image float
* improved float button display – button type, position etc
* fixed problem that float button does not disappear in some cases


1 comment so far

  1. Anonymous on

    I am always getting the following error when I click on the download now link:

    Error: 504 Gateway Time-out No such file or directory

    Server CoralWebPrx/0.1.20 (See at

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